6 rooms
8 baths
12 guest
private pool
OCEAN view


We are very excited to present Nemi Eco Villa, the first of its kind here in Puerto Vallarta. Nemi Eco Villa has been architecturally designed to embrace the natural beauty and flow of the property that embraces it while leaving the least impact on the environment as possible. The villa has been completely constructed from repurposed, sustainable or locally sourced materials. Their goal is to offer our visitors an ecologically responsible experience without sacrificing luxury.
There are 6 individual bedroom pods that are placed on various tiers along the property on a hillside in Amapas, each with their own incredible ocean and mountain views. They all run on solar power and are constructed from repurposed shipping containers. They are designed with large decks complete with their own individual natural dipping pool, gravity fed outdoor shower and ice-based air conditioner.
The sleekly designed and unique 40 foot natural swimming pool has no salt and no chemicals. It is also constructed from a repurposed shipping container and is a natural eco system of plant life along with sand filters and UV pumps, creating a safe, holistic swimming experience.
The main level centers around this fantastic pool with a large sundeck and bar area, separate spa room with luxurious rain and body spray shower, beautifully designed grand room and kitchen, a garden with large wood grill, and surround sound Bose system which makes this level perfect for events, weddings, parties and gatherings.

Features and Amenities:
* 6 Bedrooms, 8 bathrooms
* 40-foot Natural Pool
* Garden Pond
* Outdoor Bar and Lounge area
* Ocean & Jungle Views
* Spa Room with air conditioning, rain shower and body sprays
* Open Living & Dining Room
* Bose Sound System
* Large outdoors double wood grill
* Large Wine Cooler

Each bedroom has ocean and jungle views
Private dipping pool
Private Terrace
Woven Hammock
High-speed wireless Internet
Blue tooth speaker
TV with 90 channels
Organic mattress
Private Safe

Bedroom Pod #1 – First level, Handicapped Accessible, Queen Bed, Outdoor Shower
Bedroom Pod #2 – Second Level, Queen Bed, Outdoor Shower
Bedroom Pod #3 – Master Suite, Second Level, King Bed, Indoor Shower, Kitchenette
Bedroom Pod #4 – Third Level, Queen Bed, Outdoor Shower
Bedroom Pod #5 – Third Level, King Bed, Outdoor Shower
Bedroom Pod #6 – Fourth Level, King Bed, Indoor Shower

Staff and Services: Cook service for daily gourmet breakfast and afternoon snack/cocktail hour (Cost of food & beverages is an additonal charge)
Daily Housekeeping
Houseman / Bartender

Eco-Features: The initial building blocks for this project are shipping containers. They are an ideal product for sustainable living on the coast. Containers are structurally sound and designed to withstand the elements. They are easy to transport and their over-abundance puts to good use an untapped resource. For this project most of the container rooms were fabricated off site, where axles were attached to allow ease in transport to the property. Pre-fabrication reduces construction waste and materials.

Natural Swimming Pool: No salt, no chemicals. Conventional pool chemicals can be damaging to the skin and body. The factories that produce the chemicals are damaging to the environment. Our pool is a natural eco system of plant life along with sand filters and UV pumps, creating a safe, holistic swimming experience.

Solar Panels: All 6 rooms are solar powered, with the option of switching to on-grid electricity. The dwellings have been designed to maximize energy conservation allowing a reduction in the use of solar panels.

Energy Efficient Air-conditioners: The spa room has an energy efficient air conditioning unit for a comfortable place to cool off, however the whole house is designed to take advantage of natural air flow so that the need for air conditioners or fans is minimal.

Batch Solar Water Heaters: In looking at many different methods of heating water, Nemi Eco Villa opted for the simplest time tested method available, the Batch Collector. This method is also time tested over hundreds of years and requires no pumps or electronics.

Bio Digester: Widely used in South East Asian countries, this technology is used to collect food scraps and human/animal waste and turn it into biogas and natural fertilizer. Our goal is to harness the biogas and eventually create electricity through a gas generator.

Grey Water Collection: All grey water is collected, filtered, and used to water the grounds.

Construction Materials: The materials used to build the villa, and its furnishings, vary. From recycled shipping containers to reclaimed wood, we have used ecological, sustainable materials whenever possible. These include recycled fruit-crates, pallet wood, OSB or oriented strand board and steel-a recyclable material. Materials and labor were all locally sourced.

Locally Sources and Organic Meals: Whereever possible the professionally trained chef at Nemi Eco Villa uses local and/or organic products and sources for the gourmet breakfast and snacks provided to the guests.

Villa Features:  Air-Conditioned Bedrooms, BBQ, I-Pod Dock, Wireless Internet Access, Wine Cooler, Cable/Satellite TV.
Staff:  Cook, Houseman, Housekeeper, Gardener(s).
Bedding:  3 King(s), 3 Queen(s).
Beach:  Walk to Beach.
Pool:  Private Pool.

  • Bed sizes: 3 King, 3 Queen
  • 8 baths
  • Air conditioning: Full
  • Pool
  • Internet: High speed wireless
  • Phone
Full kitchen                                                              Pool                                                                             
Internet: High speed wireless                         
Air-Conditioned in all suites                            Pool heated                                                             
Bose Sound System
Gratuities not included Tax not included